Cairngorm Automatic Weather Station

Heriot-Watt University Physics Department
1245 m amsl


Current AWS Status: Page updated at 01:25 on Friday Feb 28, 2020
Latest Observations: AWS Status: OK. Latest reading at 1948, 27 Feb Temperature -5.3 C, Mean Windspeed 46 mph, Gust Windspeed 53 mph.
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Current Cairngorm Summit Weather

Fans on both thermometers should provide reliable temperature readings but if fans fail then temperatures may read several degrees high in light winds (less than 10 mph or so). Time is GMT.

The yellow band and magenta line represent the range and average of temperatures record by the AWS for the current week (7-day average) from available 1978-1999 data. The average is also given numerically on the right.


Currently data is uploaded from the summit every 30 mins. There is a small delay for processing before data is posted online. Times are GMT.



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