Cairngorm Automatic Weather Station

Heriot-Watt University Physics Department
1245 m amsl


Current AWS Status: Page updated at 05:25 on Monday Dec 11, 2023
Latest Observations: AWS Status: Possible Fault. Latest reading at 0000, 0 Jan Temperature 5.5 C, Mean Windspeed 3 mph, Gust Windspeed 39 mph.
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Cairngorm Information Disclaimer

These pages contain information about the conditions on the summit of Cairn Gorm. These data are provided only for information, and without any guarantee of the reliability of data. Whilst we will strive to check data quality the nature of the equipment is such that faults may develop and, if this occurs out of hours these may not be attended to straight away. If you intend going into the mountains you must make the decision on the basis of the prevailing conditions and your ability to deal with them.



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